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     Soup & Such - Soup Kitchen

     St. Paul's Clothing Closet - Free Children's Clothing

     Mind, Body, & Spirit Club (MB&S) - After School Kids' Program

     Conrad Weiser Food Pantry - Food Distribution to Those in Need



Soup & Such - Free Meal For All

     Soup & Such is St. Paul's soup kitchen, where anyone and everyone can come and receive a free meal.  This ministry began in 2010, serving a meal on Thursday once a month.  We currently serve about 100 people.  Volunteers generally begin preparations around 2:00pm.  Meals are served from 4:00 - 6:00pm.

      For more information about Soup & Such, please contact coordinator Steve Miller or the church office at 610-621-5770 or office@sprucc.org.  For more information about the Conrad Weiser Food Pantry, please call 610-693-8313.


     The schedule of Soup & Such can be found below and on our website's calendar.


           Schedule - 2020:

                Thursday, January 30

                Thursday, February 27

                Thursday, March 26  Cancelled due to the Corona Virus

                Thursday, April 30  TAKE OUT ONLY.  Enter from Pearl Street (the road beside the

                      church) and follow the volunteers' directions into the parking lot.  PLEASE REMAIN IN

                      YOUR CARS.  The food will be given to you in the parking lot from 4:00 - 6:00PM, or

                      until it runs out.  Please do NOT start lining up prior to 4:00PM.

                Thursday, May 28

                Thursday, June 25

                Thursday, July 30

                Thursday, August 27

                Thursday, September 24

                Thursday, October 29

                Thursday, November TBD

                Thursday, December TBD


St. Paul's Clothing Closet - CLOSED at this time

     St. Paul's UCC Clothing Closet hands out children's clothing.  St. Paul's Clothing Closet began in 2013, distributing clothing one Thursday a month.  Clothing is distributed from 4pm-6:00pm on the same Thursday as the above Soup & Such schedule.  Clothing distributions will resume once social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

     We provide one FREE bag of clothing per child in a family (bags are given by the church).

     Donations of clean children's clothing in good condition are welcome, as well as donations of new children's underwear in its original packaging.

     For more information about St. Paul's Clothing Closet, please contact coordinator Robin Henning or the church office at 610-621-5770 or office@sprucc.org.



Mind, Body, & Spirit Club

     Our Mind, Body, & Spirit (MB&S) after school program is a combined ministry of the Conrad Weiser Ministerium.   The MB&S program was initiated by St. Paul's UCC, and has been primarily led by St. Paul's UCC and St. Daniel's ELCA churches of Robesonia.

      MB&S endeavors to nourish the Mind, Body, and Spirit of youth in a safe caring environment.  The program includes:
        Mind: homework assistance, reading assistance, craft, and math and reading games;
        Body: fun games and a healthy snack (while practicing good table manners); and
        Spirit: peer socializing, interaction with caring adults, positive faith message, prayer, and music.


    We seek to offer youth a safe environment in which to have fun with friends, maybe make some new friends, receive help with homework and reading, nurture their spirit, have a light snack, and know that they are cared about by people in the community.


    Started in Spring 2015, the program takes place after school at Conrad Weiser West Elementary from 3:30pm-5:00pm on Tuesdays for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders enrolled at Conrad Weiser West Elementary School.

     Each Tuesday, we have about 15-20 minutes of structured active play time (such as a relay race, jumping rope, zombie tag, and the like); 15-20 minutes of a faith-based teaching with a positive message (such as the story of the good Samaritan helping an injured stranger in need); 30 minutes of homework support and/or reading time (we offer help with homework for those students who have homework that evening, or help with reading for those who have finished their homework, or play math or word games with those who have finished their homework); plus snack, craft, and music time.



     To register, please contact the office of Conrad Weiser West Elementary.


Spiritual Diversity - MB&S

      Our volunteers are coming from Christian churches of different denominations.  We value the religious diversity found within our community; we encourage individuals to continue with whatever faith community of which they are already a part; and we are not seeking to convert anyone from their present religion to that of one of our participating churches.  None of our churches profess our denomination to be better than all other denominations, but rather we seek to work ecumenically with faith groups.  We humbly seek to offer what we hope will be a helpful program to the youth of our community.
    We offer prayer as a part of this program (such as before snack time).  Youth are not compelled to pray, but if choosing not to pray are invited to pause in courteous silence during a prayer.
    If you have additional questions about the faith and perspectives of participating churches, you can visit the websites of participating churches and/or contact their pastors.  The names of participating churches and their contact information is included in the MB&S registration brochures. 


More Information about MB&S

      For  more information about the MB&S program, please contact the church office at office@sprucc.org or 610-621-5770.





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