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Precautions Due to the Coronavirus

WearAMask 002     We are taking a number of precautions here at St. Paul's United Church of Christ in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), while simultaneously still seeking to provide meaningful, appropriate, and important spiritual support, especially in such times when there is fear, anxiety, and illness.  We thank you for your understanding, patience, support, and prayer as we seek to discern how best to be in ministry in this moment of time.

     Our last in person worship service was Sunday, March 15.  As of that date there was no Sunday school or after worship fellowship.  For more information on that decision at the time, please click on this March 14, 2020 Letter to the Congregation About Precautions link.

     Currently, Sunday morning worship is only being held virtually: Live Stream (on St. Paul's UCC YouTube Channel), Phone Stream at 1-888-649-5770, and Zoom

     Beginning on Sunday, April 25 - Sunday morning worship will be Hybrid: Outdoor In-person & virtually:  Live Stream (on St. Paul's UCC YouTube Channel), Phone Stream at 1-888-649-5770, and Zoom.  We will continue to live stream the worship services, so that you are able to watch it on the internet from at home.



Sunday School

     For adults, we are providing The Wired Word online materials and Zoom discussions.  For additional Zoom Bible studies for adults click on this Bible Studies for Adults link.

     For youth, we are continuing to provide online Sunday school materials and Sunday school material deliveries during the pandemic.

     We will resume in-person Sunday school for adults and youth for May 2, 9, 16, & 23 at 9:00am.  We will be following the Sunday School COVID-19 Precautions Guidelines for both youth and adults.

     We will be taking our normal break from the Sunday school classes over the summer, and then resume in-person Sunday school for adults and youth on Sunday, September 12.

     For everyone's protection, there will not be any singing during Sunday school until further notice.  However, Pastor Bob has provided Sunday school music for you to sing at home at this Music Ministry link.



Youth Group

     Beginning in January 2021, our bi-monthy Youth Group meetings will be Virtual ONLY from 6:30-7:00 by Zoom.  On April 29, 2021, we will resume in-person bi-monthly meetings outdoors from 6:00-7:00pm.

     This past spring we held our youth group meetings via Zoom.  Over the summer and through the fall, we had in-person, outdoor, social distancing youth group meetings and activities.

     When we do have in-person meetings and activities, please follow the below Youth Group COVID-19 Precautions Guidelines.




COVID-19 Reopening Precautions

     In regard to reducing the spread of COVID-19, outdoor worship is safer than indoor worship.  The following are our planned precautions.

     Precautions for Indoor Worship:

        In-Person Indoor Worship COVID-19 Precautions - Latest Revision: March 9, 2021

Since Sunday, December 13 our Sunday worship has been Virtual ONLY.

On Sunday, April 25 we plan to resume Hybrid Worship: In-Person Outdoors in the Parking Lot, and these services will be shared by Live Sream, Phone Stream, & Zoom.

From Sunday, October 4, 2020 to Sunday, December 6, 2020, we were having "Hybrid Worship," where you could worship via Live Stream, Phone Stream, Zoom, or In-Person (following the above In-Person Guidelines).  Click on this Safety Precautions Highlights for a one page summary.

     Precautions for Outdoor Worship:

        In-Person Outdoor Worship COVID-19 Precautions - Latest Revision: August 18, 2020

Our next In-Person Outdoor Worship Service will be on Christmas Eve at 4:30pm.  This will be a "Hybrid Worship Service," where you can worship via Live Stream, Phone Stream, Zoom, or In-Person (following the above In-Person Guidelines).


     Precautions for Sunday School:

        COVID-19 Precautions for In-Person Sunday School - Latest Revision: October 13, 2020


     Precautions for Youth Group:

        COVID-19 Precautions for In-Person Youth Group - Latest Revision: October 13, 2020

     Precautions for Funeral & Memorial Services

This Addendum of Safety Guidelines for Funeral & Memorial Services is in addition to the above safety guidelines for indoor worship - Latest Revision: October 13, 2020


     Soup 'n' Such is take out only until further notice.

     St. Paul's Clothing Closet is by appointment only until further notice.

     AA & Alanon Meetings have resumed following national social distancing guidelines.

     Mind, Body, & Spirit is cancelled until further notice.



Additional COVID-19 Resource Links

     Our Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the UCC has provided additional information and resources on their website at the following address:  You can read more from the national UCC church by clicking on this UCC National Leadership Speaks About Coronavirus link.



Continually Updating to Changing Recommendations

     As the course of the Coronavirus changes over time and as we receive information from the CDC and other officials, our plans and decisions may also change accordingly.  Please continue to check here and on our Cancellation Page for more information.



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General Synod of the United Church of Christ is the national decision-making body for the United Church of Christ.  They meet every two years.  The next General Synod meeting will be virtual.  It will take place online July 11-18, 2021.  The theme for this event is "Rooted in Love".  All UCC members and others interested in attending should click on the event theme link to learn more.


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