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Community Church Blood Drive

Thursday, December 7, 2017 - from 2:00pm-7:00pm

MillerKeystone     On Thursday, December 7, the Robesonia Community Church Blood Drive will be hosted by Trinity ELCA, in Robesonia from 2:00pm to 7:00pm.  Please call Trinity ELCA for information on how to make an appointment.

     Please be aware: Due to the blood mobile having mechanical issues on the way to Trinity ELCA, the blood drive is beginning late and the schedules are running behind today.  The first appointment is not expected to be until 3:20pm today.

     For more information about this ministry and the scheduled blood drives, you can click on this Robesonia Community Blood Drive link.

Blood Drive Schedule:

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 from 2:00pm-7:00pm
        at Trinity ELCA, Robesonia
    April 2018 - TBD
            at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church, Robesonia
    June 2018 - TBD
        at St. Paul's UCC, Robesonia



Soup & Such  and  St. Paul's Clothing Closet

Thursday, December 14, 2017 -  from 4:00-6:00pm

Only one meal in November and December because of the Holidays

     Twice a month St. Paul's UCC offers "Soup & Such" and the "St. Paul's Clothing Closet."

     Soup & Such is a free meal for all served from 4:00-6:00pm. 

          (Volunteers are welcome to come and help prepare and set up at 2:00pm).

     St. Paul's Clothing Closet offers a free bag of gently used children's clothing from 4:00-6:00pm.

More Information

     You can click on this Soup & Such link for more information and for this year's schedule, or contact coordinator Claudette Mettin.

     You can click on this St. Paul's Clothing Closet for more information, or contact coordinator Robin Henning.  We are continually looking for donations of gently used children's clothing.


Youth Group Meetings

Thursday, December 14 from 6:00-7:00pm

      Looking for a safe and fun environment for your tweens and teens to grow in faith and friendships?  Our youth gather twice a month on the 2nd and last Thursday of the month from 6:00-7:00pm.  We will have games, prayer, building of supportive friendships, and learning how to lead themselves and one another.  

     Our youth fellowship gatherings intentionally follows our “Soup & Such” schedule, so for those who would like to do so, you and your family can have a free meal between 4:00-6:00pm on those evenings.  Which means, one less meal to plan and the opportunity to socialize while enjoying a meal.

     During these gatherings the youth will also be learning how to plan special monthly activities.  We have a special activity about once a month, which includes a balance of fun activities (such as rock climbing, laser tag, and snow sports); mission outreach (such as support of Crop Walk, the Conrad Weiser Food Pantry, Soup & Such, and St. Paul’s Clothing Closet); education (PRAY - national religious award program, trip to the zoo, and visiting the Islamic Center of Reading); and more.
     FREE - There is no fee to participate in the regular gatherings.  You do not need to be a member of the church, and you do not need to make a faith or church commitment to participate.

     For more information, please contact Elsa Wertz, chair of the Christian Education Committee or any member of the committee.



Decorating for Christmas

Date/Time: TBD

     For more information, please the Worship Committee (Worship Committee Chairperson Claudette Mettin or Worship CommitteeConsistory Liaison Lynelle Heimbach) or the Decorating Sub-committee (Decorating Committee Chairperson Liz Brunner).



Christ the King Sunday

Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 10:25am

      Christ the King Sunday (also known as "The Reign of Christ Sunday") is the last Sunday in the Christian year.  Join us as we rejoice, for Christ is king!

First Sunday of Advent

Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 10:25am

     The First Sunday of Advent marks the beginning of the new Christian year.  Advent is the season of preparation for the coming of Christ.  During this season, we prepare for: (1) the second coming of Christ; (2) the anniversary of Jesus' birth on Christmas; and (3) the daily presence of Christ, "for the Kingdom of God is near."

     On this First Sunday of Advent, we will be lighting the first candle in the Advent wreath and celebrating in Holy Communion.

Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, December 17 at 11:30am

     Our Annual Congregational Meeting will take place on Sunday, December 17 following the worship service.

      At the Congregational meeting we will be: (1) voting on next year's leadership; (2) voting on an ammendment to the by-laws regarding the terms of chairpersons of the Five Standing Committees (see the November issue of The Herald for details); and (3) voting on the "2018 Mission and Program of St. Paul's UCC."

      For more information about the Annual Congregational Meeting, please contact Terry Pastor (Consistory President and Chair of the Nominating Committee) or Mike Keffer (Consistory Vice President and Chair of the Budget Committee).




Youth Christmas Program

Sunday, December 17 at 10:25am - Cancelled

     We will not be having our annual children and youth Christmas program this year.

     For information, please contact Elsa Wertz (Vice Chair of the Christian Education Committee) or Denise Unger (Consistory Liaison for the Christian Education Committee).




Christmas Eve with St. Paul’s UCC

Sunday, December 24, 2017

    This Christmas Eve we will once again be offering one morning worship service and two evening worship services.  We hope that you will join us for one or both of these services.  There will be some similarities between the two services, but there will be enough differences that if you come to both, you will have two different (and hopefully spiritually enriching) worship experiences.


For the Sunday Morning Worship Service:

    9:15am - Sunday School for All Ages
  10:25am - Sunday morning worship


For the Earlier Christmas Eve Worship Service:

    6:30pm - Singers and instrumentalists will begin sharing Christmas music at 6:30pm
    7:00pm - We will begin the liturgy part of the worship service
    ✧    We will be lighting the Christ Candle for the Advent Wreath
    ✧    There will be communion in the pews
    ✧    Pastor Motz will be retelling Luke’s Birth Narrative verbatim
    ✧    There will be a children focused message
    ✧    We will have Christmas carols during worship (different ones from the later service)
    ✧    The Senior Choir will be singing
    ✧    The Handbell Choir will be playing
    ✧    We will be ending the service with candlelight, three verses of “Silent Night”

               followed by “Joy to the World”


For the Later Christmas Eve Worship Service:

    11:00pm - The worship service will begin
    ✧    We will be lighting the Christ Candle for the Advent Wreath
    ✧    There will be communion at the chancel rail
    ✧    Pastor Motz will be retelling Luke’s Birth Narrative verbatim
    ✧    There will be two touching Christmas readings
    ✧    We will have Christmas carols during worship (different ones from the earlier service)
    ✧    There will be a soloist
    ✧    We will be ending the service with candlelight, and all six verses of “Silent Night”

                  followed by “Joy to the World”
    ✧    We hope to end the worship service just a little after midnight - Christmas Morning



~ ~ ~ Upcoming Events in 2018 ~ ~


Snow Tubing

January 2018 - TBD

     The youth group is planning a snow tubing trip for January 2018.  The where and when will be determined at our December 14 youth group meeting.

     Check back here for information about where, when, how much, etc.



Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

     Our Ash Wednesday worship service will be on Wednesday, February 14 at 6:30pm.  We will be offering the imposition of ashes, as well as offering communion in the pews.  Worshipers will have the option of receiving ashes on their foreheads, the back of their hands, or not at all - whichever you prefer.  Click on this "Why Ashes on Ash Wednesday" link to learn more about the use of ashes on Ash Wednesday.

     Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent.  The season of Lent includes the 40 days and six Sundays before Easter.  It is a season of penitence as we reflect upon our personal sins, which led to the need for the sacrifice of Jesus’ life for us upon the cross.  The root word of “Lent” means “to lengthen,” referring to the lengthening of days as we anticipate the longer days of spring and the new life granted through the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter -- moving from darkness to light.




Palm Sunday

PalmProcession 2017_02Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 10:25am

      The Sunday before Easter is "Palm Sunday" and "Passion Sunday."  Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Passion Sunday commemerates the beginning of Holy Week.  We will have our traditional "Blessing of the Palms" this Sunday, and we will have enough palms for everyone to be able to take a blessed palm branch home with them. 




Easter Sunday

CrossBearer Easter2017_01Sunday, April 1, 2018

  6:45am - Sunrise Worship Service

Our sunrise worship service will begin outside at the rear of the church building by a fire with candlelight, where we will light our new Paschal Candle.  We will then process to the front of the building, following the Paschal Candle and Processional Cross, bringing the new light into the sanctuary.  The worship service will conclude in the sanctuary with communion.  The majority of the worship service will take place in the sanctuary.  We are anticipating the sun to rise at 6:48am this year on Easter Sunday, as such our sunrise worship service is planned for 6:45am.

  8:00am - Breakfast

Each year we have a free breakfast on Easter Sunday in the fellowship hall in-between our sunrise worship service and Sunday school.  All are welcome.

  9:15am - Sunday School
10:25am - Worship Service

Our second Easter worship service will take place at our regular time of 10:25am.  We have a children's sermon, regular sermon, children's bulletins, available nursery, the choir, and pew communion.



Holy Humor Sunday

Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 10:25am

DSCN2459 StC     Holy Humor Sunday is an opportunity to let our hair down - way down - with a very upbeat and fun service, following the somber season of Lent.  It is a day of humor and light-hearted fun. 

     Holy Humor Sunday shares its roots with that of April Fool’s Day.  When Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, he defeated death, and in doing so the Great Deceiver (i.e. the Devil) was deceived - bested by the best trick ever.  From deceiving the Great Deceiver on Easter, April Fool’s Day came to be celebrated on April 1st, and Holy Humor Sunday came to be most commonly celebrated on the Sunday following Easter Sunday.

     Check back here for more information as the date approaches.  We plan to have our 2018 theme posted here by early March.

     You can view pictures from previous years by clicking on the following links:

          2017 Holy Humor Sunday - Theme: "Game On!" (Pictures coming soon)

          2016 Holy Humor Sunday - Theme: "Come Fishing"

          2015 Holy Humor Sunday - Theme: “From Zeroes to Heroes”

          2014 Holy Humor Sunday - Theme: "A Childlike vs A Childish Faith"





Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 10:25am




Worship at Knoebels Amusement Park

Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 10:30am

03 DSCN0310     We will be gathering for worship at Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA at Pavilion Tent #4 on the third Sunday of August at 10:30am. 

     Friends, family, visitors are all very welcome to participate.  There is NO park admission fee.  There is NO parking fee.  You need only to pay for ride tickets (for whatever rides you may wish) and any food you may wish to purchase there.


Schedule at the Park

          10:00am - begin to gather at Pavilion Tent #4

          10:30am - worship at the pavilion

          11:00am - rides and water park open

          12:00noon - lunch at Pavilion Tent #4

            8:00pm - water park closes

            9:00pm - park closes


Worship in the Sanctuary of St. Paul's on August 19

     For those who are unable to journey with us to Knoebels, we are planning to have a worship service in our sanctuary at 9:25am.

Previous Year's Photos

     To view photos from previous year's click on the following links:

           Knoebels 2016 - Facebook Photos

           Knoebels 2015 - Website Photos

           Knoebels 2015 - Facebook Photos

           Knoebels 2014 - Website Photos

           Knoebels 2014 - Facebook Photos




World Communion Sunday

 Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 10:25am

      Join with us, as we join with Christians throughout the world to share in our common unity with Christ through the breaking of the bread and the pouring of the wine.

     Communion will be served in the pews on this Sunday.





All Saints Sunday

Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 10:25am

     Join us on this day for our annual rememberance and celebration of all the saints of the church, and a special rememberance of the members of St. Paul's UCC who passed away since last year's All Saints' Sunday.

About All Saints Day

    November 1 is All Saints Day, which is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of November.
    The custom of commemorating all of the martyrs of the church on a single day goes back at least to the third century.  Our All Saints Day celebration commemorates not only all the martyrs but all the people of God, living and dead, who form the mystical body of Christ.  Today we like many congregations remember our members who have died during the past year, and we celebrate their entrance into the Church Triumphant.

    All Saints Sunday celebrates the baptized people of God, living and dead, who make up the body of Christ.  With thanksgiving we remember all the faithful departed, especially those most dear to us who have died.  Even in the midst of loss and grief God wipes away the tears from our eyes and makes all things new.




First Sunday of Advent

Sunday, December 2, 2018 at 10:25am

     Come and join us as we begin the Advent Season and light the first candle on the Advent Wreath.



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