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    At St. Paul's United Church of Christ we strive to create a safe environment for all, especially for the most vulnerable among us.  To that ends we have put in place a "SafeConduct" policy, which describes the guidelines for ministries with children, youth, homebound, hospitalized, and others within our church.  Maintaining a safe environment refers not only to ministries that take place at our church building, but also for off-site activities, electronic communications, and print communications.



More Information

    For more information about our SafeConduct policies, please contact:

         SafeConduct Coordinator

         Christian Education Chairperson

         Christian Education Vice Chairperson




If the child you would like to report on is in immediate danger, please call 911 immediately.


In the event of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

     a mandated reporter shall make an external report should be made to ChildLine at:

           1-800-932-0313  or  electonically at

           Click on this link for information as to who is a mandated reporter.


     an additional internal report should be made to one of the following:

          Consistory President

          Consistory Vice President

          Christian Education Chairperson

          SafeConduct Coordinator



Incident Report

     To make an incident report (such as in the event of an injury requiring medical treatment), please conct the Christian Education Chairperson.




     St. Paul's UCC SafeConduct & Youth Protection Policy (in pdf format)

     St. Paul's UCC Participation Covenant (in pdf format)

     St. Paul's UCC Reference Check Form (in pdf format)

     St. Paul's UCC Congregational Behavioral Covenant (in pdf format)

     St. Paul's UCC Youth Registration Form 2018-2019 (in pdf format)


     Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (in pdf format)

     Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check (in doc format)

     Pennsylvania Disclosure Statement for New Non-Paid Volunteers (in pdf format)

          * For those serving in a non-paid position at St. Paul's UCC

     Pennsylvania Disclosure Statement for New Paid Staff (in pdf format)

          * For those serving in a paid staff position at St. Paul's UCC




     Pennsylvania's Keep Kids Safe Website:

     Pennsylvania Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting:

     Pennsylvania Department of Child Welfare:

     Pennsylvania Department of Education:

     Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance:



Clearance Links

     Instructions and links for all three clearances are at:


 The individual links for the three clearances are below:

     Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Certification:

          * Child Abuse History Clearance

     Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History:

          * Criminal History Clearance

     Pennsylvania's Vendor for Fingerprinting - IdentoGO:

          * FBI Fingerprint Clearance

            Information about the FBI Fingerprint Clearance can be found at:


               Newly Updated: In 2018, PA transitioned from Cogent Systems (also known as Cogent ID) to IdentoGO. The link to the new IdentoGO vendor was updated on our website in August 2018.



Training Links

     Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance: PAFSA Mandated Reporter Training

     University of Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Mandated Reporter Training

     Boy Scouts of America: Youth Protection Training


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