Holy Humor Sunday

Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 10:25am

"Come Fishing!"


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     Each year for the Second Sunday of Easter we pick a fun theme, decorate the sanctuary, and have an extra joyful and humorous time in worship.


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HH 2016 308     This year's Holy Humor theme is "Come Fishing".  Our scripture focus was John 21:1-19, where Jesus appears to the disciples for a third time after the resurrection while they were out fishing.  Based on that scripture, the Pastor preached on how Jesus calls us to fish for people and to tend his sheep.


     People were invited to come to worship dressed casually in what you might wear to go fishing.  (If you go fishing at the grocery store, you can wear the casual clothes in which you go shopping).  The sanctuary was decorated with fishing related items, including fishing poles, tackle boxes, creels, and buoys.  Our Junior Choir sang, "Fishers of Men."  Fishing jokes were told, an assortment of cartoons were placed throughout the bulletin, and uplifting music was sung.



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What is Holy Humor Sunday?

     Holy Humor Sunday is an opportunity to let our hair down - way down - with a very upbeat and fun service, following the somber season of Lent.  It is a day of humor and light-hearted fun.


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     Holy Humor Sunday shares its roots with that of April Fool’s Day.  When Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, he defeated death, and in doing so the Great Deceiver (i.e. the Devil) was deceived - bested by the best trick ever.  From deceiving the Great Deceiver on Easter, April Fool’s Day came to be celebrated on April 1st, and Holy Humor Sunday came to be most commonly celebrated on the Sunday following Easter Sunday.


     Although variations of Holy Humor Sunday and Holy Humor mid-week activities have been practiced in churches for centuries following Easter, the modern revival of this fun and joyful worship experience was renewed by a growing number of churches since the late 1980s.  You can learn more about the history and modern day practices of Holy Humor by clicking on this Joyful Noiseletter Holy Humor Sunday link.

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     In 2014, our theme was: "A Childlike vs a Childish Faith."  You can view pictures from that year by clicking on this 2014 Holy Humor Sunday link.

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